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Blood in Urine

Although seeing blood in the urine can be frightening, most of the time hematuria is not life threatening. However, it is important to investigate the cause of hematuria because, occasionally, it is caused by a serious condition.

There are two main types of hematuria: gross and microscopic.

  • Gross hematuria – Gross hematuria means that you can see blood with the naked eye because the urine is pink, red, purplish-red, brownish-red, or tea-colored. If you see blood in your urine, you should call your healthcare provider.
  • Microscopic hematuria – Microscopic hematuria means that the urine is normal in color, but there are an increased number of red blood cells seen with a microscope. It is usually discovered when a urine sample is tested with a dipstick. The results of a dipstick test are not always accurate and should be confirmed with a microscopic examination.

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