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Kidney Disease and Hypertension Treatments

Disorder of Potassium and Sodium

Potassium and Sodium are electrolytes that are essential to maintaining your optimal health, and are necessary for your cells to function in the body. Imbalances in either Potassium or Sodium can cause serious health hazards, most importantly affecting the heart [...]

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Blood in urine

Hematuria is blood in the urine. Two types of blood in the urine exist. Blood that can be seen in the urine by the naked eye is called gross hematuria. Blood that cannot be seen in the urine, except when [...]

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Protein in Urine

The kidneys remove wastes and excess water and salts from the blood. Kidneys receive blood through the renal arteries. The blood flows into parts of the kidney called nephrons. Each nephron is made of a glomerulus and a tubule. Each [...]

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